Holiday Candle


Candles gently illuminate a table, softly scent a room, and even light the way home. Our hand poured soy candles burn with the promise that Love Heals Every Body. During this Holiday season, enjoy this candle with exclusive silver, gift ready Holiday packaging in your home during the year’s most precious moments with family and friends and rejoice in life’s gifts. 

  • Improved flat wick made of sustainable fibers
  • Milky stained glass holds 8oz candle with a 35 hour burn time
  • 2 exclusive woodsy, relaxing scents derived from natural, essential oils 
  • Case of (6) 8 oz. glass soy candles with 35-hour burn time

For your home, office, workshop, or studio. Choose one signature fragrance to fill your entire home this season or match individual rooms to the properties of the oils: crisp Three Trees for the living and dining rooms, spicy Cinnamon Cedar for the bedrooms.