New Login Process for Thistle Farms Wholesale Customers

We're excited to announce a new B2B Account Portal. The good news? No need to remember or reset passwords! After completing the new login process one time, you will no longer need to re-enter a password or be prompted with a code again.

The new portal brings the following benefits. You can now: 

  • View order history
  • Manage addresses and order history for multiple locations 
  • Allow multiple buyers to purchase without shared passwords 

The new URL is account.thistlefarmswholesale.org. Instead of a password, you will log in by entering a 6-digit code that will be sent to your email address. Follow the screenshots below for the instructions. 

Use your existing email address to login here


Step One

Visit account.thistlefarmswholesale.org

You can also click 'Account Login' in our website header. 
You will be prompted to enter the email address associated with your account.

You will receive a code to login. Be sure to use within 15 minutes.


Step Two

Check Your Email 

The Sender Name Will Be:
Thistle Farms Wholesale

The Sender Email Address Will Be: customerservice@thistlefarmswholesale.org

*Depending on your business spam settings, you may need to check your junk folder the first time you receive the code.


Step Three

Input Your 6-Digit Code

Return to your web browser and enter the code into the empty field. 

Need Help?

Trouble Logging In? Need to Add Another Buyer?

We are here to help!

Contact CustomerService@thistlefarms.org

Please provide:

  • Account Name
  • New Buyer Name and Email Location
  • Allowed to Purchase For (if appliable)