Jessy's Story

The Key To My House Means Freedom

2021 has already been a landslide of accomplishments for our girl, Jessy. Over the last few months, she has:

Bought a car
Built her credit
Purchased her first house

AND, in June, she celebrated 4 years of sobriety.

At the top of the list, she is most proud of giving her sons a warm and loving place to call home.

“I couldn’t wait to surprise them. I decorated their rooms with dinosaurs and hung towels monogrammed with their names in the bathroom. My sons were so happy.

I told them, ‘This is your house.’

Finally, I feel like I am the woman I was always supposed to be. I’m the mother my children need and deserve.

The key to my house means freedom, and a life full of ball games. Home is meals at the table together, homework on a school night, and storytime.

Home is my safe space. Home is my peace.”