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Meet Holly Williams, Owner of White's Mercantile

I often discover and fall in love with products while I'm touring or traveling. Our customers even bring in their own handmade products to their local White's Mercantile stores for my team to see a...

Why the Thistle?

The thistle has a deep root that can shoot through concrete and survive drought. In spite of it’s prickly appearance, it’s soft purple center and profound healing qualities make the thistle a myste...

Natural Bug Spray - Whats to Know

Formulated with pure essential oils such as certified organic rose geranium, spearmint, lemongrass, and peppermint, our Natural Bug Spray is an effective “do-gooder”.

Fresh Offerings

New must-have products formulated to energize, renew, and refresh, inspiring your customers to embrace a season of fresh starts.

Thistle Farms Natural Bug Spray

As temperatures begin to rise the demand for Bug Spray does too. At Thistle Farms we know even a little love can bring about big changes and one way to show your customers some love is to offer pro...