Cooling Shave Gel Tester

Our Cooling Shave Gel makes quick work of stubborn stubble on faces, legs, and underarms. The fresh, uplifting eucalyptus mint scent gives an energizing kick to this daily task while aloe vera works proactively to prevent irritation.

  • All gender friendly! Prepares faces, legs, and underarms for a smooth shave
  • Non-foaming formula is clean and efficient
  • 3 fl. oz. tube

Over sink, in shower or bath, squeeze amount appropriate to targeted area from tube and spread onto wet face, legs, underarms. For the closest shave, go with the direction of growth on the face, against the direction on legs. Rinse, dry, and finish with a gentle after-shave lotion for the face and Thistle Farms Body Lotion or Body Butter for legs.